Nutrients to Protect Mucous Membranes

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Doctor recommends other nutrients: vitamin A, selenium, and zinc. These nutrients play important roles in the health of mucous membranes, your body’s internal skin.

If you have healthy mucous membranes, your chances of having signifi­cant allergy problems will be less. The mucous membrane is a layer of cells that secrete the slimy substance we all know and should love, because it contains an array of infection-fighting bio-chemicals. Mucus also shields cells from direct contact with pollen and other allergens, sub­stances that trigger allergies.

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This mucus layer protects cells from the damaging effects of air pollu­tion. Studies show that people who are exposed to both air pollution and allergens are more likely to have severe allergic reactions than those exposed only to allergens.

The allergic reaction itself also leads to the generation of unstable mol­ecules called free radicals, which injure your body’s healthy radicals injure mast cells and may make them even more twitchy and prone to histamine release. molecules by stealing electrons to balance themselves. In the process, free Nutritionist suggests nixing junk foods and eating more unprocessed foods to get an adequate supply of all of these nutrients. Some doctors recommend taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement that covers all the bases. For some people with allergies, avoiding certain foods can be dramatically helpful for all of their symptoms.